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On a roll :) 

The moment I received this gorgeous red fur I knew I just had make one. :D I needed quite a few reference pictures to get the face markings right, I never knew maned wolves could have so many different looks.

This plush is made of soft high quality luxury fur and minky. The main coat is a lovely dense fox-red, exactly what this species is known for. He has a pair of realistic dark brown eyes and embroidered mouth. The plush is floppy, meaning it is softly stuffed and you can pose it any way you like. 
Including tail this little guy measures just over 12 inches long.

For sale in my Etsy shop:

And another pre-made currently for sale in my Etsy shop c:

I honesty don’t know what dog this is ^^’ But just consider it a mutt with some Border Collie in it. I actually saw a dog like this once and I guess that was inspiration for that moment. heh.

But really, I just wanted to use this lovely black and white fur I received with in off cut purchase. I’m usually not very fond of pre-patterned/ marked fur but the feel of this fur is amazingly soft and the black spots are very irregular so it’s very useful actually. This was actually a really fun plush to make because I pretty much cut out random (well mostly) pieces and then sewed them together, not really knowing the final outcome of the markings. c:

This little dog is made with high quality luxury faux fur and minky. He has a pair of realistic golden eyes and embroidered mouth.

The plush is floppy, meaning it is softly stuffed and you can pose it any way you like c: Including tail this dog measures just 11 inches long. 



After weeks of laborious sewing I can finally present a new plush :D

So…I was a bit too hasty and ordered the wrong color minky in my most recent fabric purchase. I wanted to put some of that fabric to good use. And so this fox came to existence. :D 

This little kitsune plush is made with high quality faux fur and minky. The main body fur is <b>really</b> soft to the touch (the texture reminds me of the velvety fur behind a cat or dog’s ear.). The fox has three fluffy tipped tails and a fluffy collar. She has a facetted red (fake) gem on her forehead. To match the magenta accents I gave her a pair of pink eyes with slit pupils.

This plush is floppy, meaning it is softly stuffed and you can pase it any way you like c: Including the poofy tails the fox measures just over 12 inches long. 

I love jewelry, especially genuine silver or gold, but I pretty much only wear half of what I have. So I decided to sell some precious pieces that I know I won’t be wearing (for various reasons) and deserve a better owner. 

All items listed are in excellent condition and handled with care. Note that these pieces are made of fine precious metal (925 Sterling Silver), no stainless steel, brass, alloy etc. You can the details and a elaborate description of each item in the Ebay listings. Feel free to ask questions.

For more information and Auction links please see:

Meet Siva, the brand new and youngest member of our family! We adopted her a few days ago as a sky skittish little baby, and has since turned into a vocal ball of energy, as shown in the video XD

She’s an 8 weeks old half British Shorthair and we love her to pieces already. Now if only our other cats would feel about it the same way ^^’

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