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Another commission c:

I’m very pleased with how she turned out :) I tried out some things I haven’t before to really capture the character design as much as possible. She was a challenge but a fun challenge to beat nonetheless. 

Because the plush is so small for so much detail I had to simplify some characteristics slightly (such as leaving one or two curls/swirls out.) I also tried to make the plush not too crowdy or bulky by adding the smaller leg wisps with felt and them embroidered it to make things more sturdy and durable. Making everything stuffed would just be too much for a floppy of this size

The commissioner wanted me to make a amaterasu plush with the Tundra beads. In my opinion, one of the most difficult ones to make and I’m surprised I pulled it off well enough with the first attempt. 
The most work and time was definitely put into her weapon. The crystal around her neck is made of very thick sturdy felt machine-embroidered with glittery blue embroidery thread to give it a fun sparkling ice effect. It will really show under artificial light or sun light. The polymer clay beads have a nice pearly sheen to them thanks to the mother of pearl medium I added when painting them.

This amaterasu plush measures just under 11 inches in length. 

*faints* My labour of the past week.I slowly murdered two needles to the point that they either got blunt or snapped in two XD

A whole herd of foxes, all a different colour variation. A portion of them are ranged fox colors that you won’t see in the wild, but are all mutations of the red fox. My personal favorites are the marble and platinum. c: They really look a lot better in person.

Some of these won’t be added to my standard etsy shop assortiment so get your favorite while youg can! I will also offer the following deal for this batch only: if you buy more than than two foxes, any additrional one will be only $6.50 instead of $8.00! Even the ones done with special effect thread!

All of them are for sale. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please tell me what number you want by sending a message to my email: c: 

Price per patch: $8.00 USD
Size: 12 cm in length
Worldwide shipping: (per order): $2.50 USD 

1. pastel red
2. calico (platinum cross)
3. cappuccino
4. albino (white)
5. red marble 
6. silver
7. pink
8. platinum (pending)
9. light blue (glow in the dark)
10. silver cross
11. marble
12. red
13. burgundy/ cinnamon
14. cross (pending)
15. white & cream (solar thread; changes color in sunlight) (pending)
16. custom (color that isn’t shown)

Price per unit: $45 USD

IMPORTANT: For these orders immediate payment is required because I have to pay the person printing these to have the foxes made. This pre-payment is for the units only. I will give you a few days to do this but understand that I can’t order a fox for you until you’ve paid for it. The shipping costs will be dealt with after units are ready and in and aren’t included yet. 

Please understand that it can take a few weeks to a month for the units to be made. I will get your order to you as soon as possible. Should something happen, I will immediately refund you the full amount.

1. Please send me a private message with with your preference, quantity etc.
2. Send me your payment of $45 USD to my Paypal address (that you will receive in a message) before the 19th op April. If you do not send your payment within this time, someone else will most likely take your place.
3. If your name on the list is marked with “confirmed” it means your order has been succesfully placed.
4. I will notify and ask you for the shipping details and payment when all units are in.

If you want a strong glowing effect I highly suggest getting the white version!

8 spots left!

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